how to use 3 ton floor jack

When working on your car or truck, you want a floor jack that you can trust. For mid to full size cars, trucks, SUVs, and larger vehicles that tip the scales at 6,000 pounds, we recommend going with the best 3-ton floor jack you can afford. You want it to last for years and be as easy on you as it is on your vehicle. For small to mid-size cars, you may also want to consider a 2-ton model.

Don’t let the color or style of a floor jack fool you – you want something you can rely on when you’re hard at work on maintenance or repairs. While there are plenty of 3-ton car jacks available that will get your vehicle off the ground, we’ve chosen the three best that money can buy, which are excellent for both home or commercial use. Don’t forget to match one of these jacks with a set of 3-ton jack stands.

Post time: Aug-10-2015


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